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Caution: This uses flame and some uncontrolled fire.

Be very careful. Adult supervision is required!

You Need:

A dry teabagTeabagrocket

A match


A windless day

Cup of water or a towel (to put out any accidental fires)

1. Take a dry teabag, undo the staple and unfold it.  You get a long tube of teabag.  

2. Remove the tea. If you want, you can do this after steeping, just dry the tea bag after you make the tea. 

3. Take the end that had the staple in it and give it a little twist so that the top is closed. 

4. Stand the little rocket upright.  If it doesn't stand, you may need to cut the bottom of the rocket so that it sits flat.

5. Now, light the top.  If it goes well, the tea bag will burn and then lift into the air!  I've seen them go about 5 feet up!  This works best when the temperature is below 75F.

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