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Caution!! This experiment uses hot water. You may scald yourself if you are not careful. Please be careful!


You Need:

Plastic Bottle (a 2 liter works great)

Hot water (hot water from your faucet is probably good enough)

Pot (large enough for the bottle to fit into)




1. Put some water and some ice into your pot. Fill it about half full and give it at least two minutes to get cold.

2. Get the water from your faucet to be as hot as possible.

3. Put about 3 inches of hot water into the bottle and swish it around.

4. Now, as fast as you can, pour out the water, put the balloon on the top of the bottle, and put the bottle into the pot with the cold water.


The balloon should shrink and be pulled into the 2 liter bottle. This is due to the hot air in the bottle contracting (shrinking) as it cools.

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